Failed Bone Graft and Dental Implants: What is Happening?

I’ve had a bone graft and 2 failed dental implants, at the same sight, in the last month. What could have caused this? I am thinking that the bone graft can house bacteria thus creating infection and causing the implants to fail. The CT and x-rays show no sign of infection, but I know that area is still inflamed. What is happening? What are my options?

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Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi
The following are important considerations in reason behind the failure:1. Your health 2. The surgical approach 3. Experience of the surgeon 4. Post operative care 5. Choice of graft material and type of implantI recommend to consult with an oral surgeon if you have not already. Bone grafting and dental implants are very successful when done properly and there is no reason why it can not be a viable option for you.Dr. Kazemi
Dr. Theodore M. Grossman
Grafts fail for a number of reasons, making the implant procedure futile. Some reasons are: 1) operator experience in socket preparation & achieving graft coverage or closure. 2) a history of infection at the graft site (failed endodontia or periodontal disease). 3) improper or no pre & post-opertaive antibiotic coverage. 4) graft contamination & disruption during the healing interval.(Chlorhexidene rinses are part of my post-operative regimen) 5) failure to let the graft mature (which can be evaluated prior to implant placement). 6) Selection of an inappropriate grafting material.(some materials have a better track record).Eliminate these variables before having a new graft attempted. Discuss the details with your surgeon prior to further intervention. Do not rely on a C.T. scan for detection of inflammation.Best of Luck.Theodore Grossman DMD

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