Finding Affordable All On 4

I am a 56 year old woman, who has been told I have very little bone in my upper jaw, my front teeth are loose, and I was told they will start falling out very shortly ( I may have 2 months).

I went to see a Dental Specialist locally who told me about the “All on 4” procedure. The price I was quoted for the All on 4 was $30,000. I was told that I could get upper dentures, but I would continue to lose bone, which in time would make having dentures worthless because there would be no bone to hold them in..

I have recently moved to the Phoenix area, am single, and only work part time at this point. I’m scared to death of my teeth falling out and not being able to afford to have this procedure done. Is there a place that does this procedure more affordably? Do I have any alternatives? Please help me before it’s too late.

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Jeremy K. Miner DDS
Depending on your case and the amount of bone that remains this is not an uncommon fee. Although the all on 4 is expensive it is a great solution. Some patients are out of reach of the all on 4 financially, or at least all at once. A good step to retain the bone would be to place all four dental implants and modify your current denture to seat on top of the implants. This will ensure you retain your bone and will provide some more stability to your denture. Once you have saved further money, or paid off the loan you obtained for the implant procedure you can place the fixed bridge of teeth to the implants at a later time.Jeremy K. Miner DDS

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