Flipper: How Does This Work After Implants are Placed and Integrating?

I’ve had two front teeth extracted and currently the bone graft is healing for a dental implant. As of now I’m wearing a flipper and soon I will be going into to receive the dental implants. To my knowledge the implants will have to sit for awhile, so that they fuse to the bone. This leads to my question, what do I do the interim? Do I need to have a new flipper made so it fits while the implants are integrating with the bone? Or should I just continue using my current flipper? Thank you for your time.

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Angela F. Ganjoor, DDS
After you get your implants, if surgeon decides to do two step procedure, he/she will place the implants and cover the top part of it with sutures, and you can still wear your flipper just like now. He may or may not want to do some adjustments under the flipper where it is close to implant sites and sutures to relieve any excess pressure on the site. At the time of implant placement, if surgeon feels that he can do one stage procedure, he will either place healing abutments or place temporary abutments and temporary crowns for you. in that case he will coordinate that with your restorative dentist to have these ready for you or he/she might do it himself. No worries, I am sure your surgeon have it all planned and ready for you. I hope this helped to answer your question.Angela F. Ganjoor, DDS
Dr. Carlos Boudet
A flipper is one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth while you wait for a graft or an implant to heal, but my patients seem to prefer an Essix appliance. It is made of thin clear plastic and does not cover the gums or roof of the mouth. An added benefit is that it rests on the teeth, not the gums and does not exert pressure on the tissue that can cause problems with the success of a graft or the osseointegration of an implant. Good luck!Dr. Carlos Boudet

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