Implant vs Fixed Bridge for Missing Front Teeth?

Last Updated November 25, 2015
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I’m wondering if I should go for a fixed bridge over implants for my front tooth.

My situation is that I’m about to finish 3yrs ortho treatment (to shift teeth for no. 7 which never came through). I’m currently wearing 2 pontics (no. 7 and no. 12). I currently have an implant (which failed) no. 14.

My periodontist will be putting in a new abutment. to no. 14. He also mentions there can be complications with implants to front teeth (ie no. 7) and that a fixed bridge may be a better solution (esthetically). He is an experienced and well known impant expert. I am considered an attractive female and I’ve waited a long time to have my teeth fixed. I therefore want the best possible outcome. Naturally I’m concerned that I’ve already had 1 failed implant. FYI, I am very strong on dental hygiene but have been plagued by dental problems despite spending many years and a ‘lot’ of money with some of the best in the profession. I think I’m right in assuming a fixed bridge would be more predictable; I’m just concerned about getting the ‘most natural’ looking esthetics when all is said and done. Any feedback would be most appreciated, thank you!

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