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Implanted supported bridge not feeling secure: what is the normal progression?

Last Updated May 16, 2013

I had a Implant Supported Bridge procedure done about 6 months ago on my lower jaw, it involved removing all the teeth and inserted 8 implants and secure with temporarily denture (Immediate load). Four months after the implant for my evaluation my doctor told me I was doing great and only one implant had failed, she removed it and replace it with a non-immediate load implant. The problem is that even after about 6 month I do not feel secure at all with my implants, as I always felt some movements especially on the chewing side, this affect my confident to chew as I am still on very soft diet, I cannot eat food such as apple or even pizza with fear it will cause my implants to fail. My dentist assures me my integration is fine and I am been too cautious, but I have my doubts. I am still using the temporarily denture until the single replacement implant is integrated.

Here are some questions I have:
1. How long does it take for implants to be 100% integrated with the bone?
2. After 6 months what is the expectation on what kind of food I can eat?
3. Is it normal to feel some implant movement when I chew?
4. With implant how to I determine what food is too hard, as I do not have the sensation as natural teeth.
5. With 7 implants that my doctor told me are successful, why is chewing still not feeling secure for me? is this a psychological issue or does it indicate real problem?

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