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Pregnant with tooth infection: how should I proceed?

Last Updated April 18, 2013

In November of 2012, I was informed that my #7 tooth had a dissolving root and an implant was recommended. Regrettably, I did not have this procedure completed and was planning on having it done in the near future. At the time, my tooth was not causing me any pain or issues. Currently, I’m 14 weeks pregnant and have a tooth infection in this #7 tooth. Five days prior to having pain in my tooth from the infection, I accidentally bit down extremely hard and noticed discomfort immediately after. My infection is under control with antibiotics that are considered safe during pregnancy. I’m having a hard time about deciding how I should proceed as I want to do the safest option for my baby. Should I wait until after I deliver and hope that I don’t get another infection during my next 6 months of pregnancy? Should I proceed with the tooth extraction and bone graft to reduce the risk of my tooth/gum becoming infected again? My periodontist suggested that I receive the implant the same day as the bone graft. Should I do this? Wouldn’t that require several x-rays? I have been approved by my OB/GYN to complete the tooth extraction, bone grafting, and implant. However, my OB/GYN also supports my decision if I decide to wait and hope that I don’t get another infection as no one can predict if and when it will get infected again. Again, I just want to do the safest option for my baby. I would greatly appreciate your expertise for my current situation.

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