Piezo Surgery Clones

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Learn from the inventor of Piezosurgery, Dr. Vercellotti! Advantages of Piezosurgery, such as less healing time, and easier post-op, will be discussed. Plus, he will cover one of the most interesting applications: Implant Site Preparation at the time of tooth extraction.
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Jeffrey, a dentist, asks:
Do any of you have information about new products (clones) in the piezo surgery field?

I’ve heard that some clinician in Paris has had some good results with his piezo unit. Beautiful nerve repositions and amazingly clean chin and ramus grafts. Do these units perform as well as the original? What other comments can I get about piezo surgery? Where can I get more information? Thanks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been using this acteon piezotome unit and it performs better than piezosurgery unit from mectron and I have already done some sinus lifts and crest split and ridge splitsIpost mandible),Chin grafts ,ramus graft etc. with ease and good results.

  2. Don Callan says:

    I have the piezosurgery unit, and it works GREAT! One of the best things I have ever used and bought.

  3. ziv mazor says:

    Ihave gathered a lot of experience with the Mectron Piezosurgery unit in various indications.I suggest taking a hands on course.

  4. mahtab hatami dmd says:

    We know you give the course Dr. Mazor.
    Please don’t advertise.
    be more detail on the trechnique or advantages
    thank you

  5. Anonymous says:

    A lot of clones are actually invading the market: to my knowledge, there are the Acteon, the BioSaf and the Esacrome models; i tested the two latter. Both are very powerful and have been subjected to many improvements respect to the first model by Mectron, whose problems were mainly overheating of the hand piece, loose of cutting power in D1 -D2 bone and some frequent error alarms.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Do you have more info on Biosaf and esacrome, or are they models from Acteon ? I’ve seen the Acteon piezotome and it looks just like the mectron model. I’m not familar with biosaf and esacrome–can’t find any info on the web on those. Can you help ? Mectron’s pricing is simply outrageous IMHO for the unit and the attachments

  7. David Rosen says:

    I have used both the Mectron and Acteon units and ended up buying the Acteon unit at the last AAP meeting. It works great and doesn’t have the downfalls of the Mectron unit. With the Mectron unit, if you touch the bone before steppin on the pedal it stalls out and you have to remove the tip and replace it, which is an unneccessary pain. This doesn’t happen with the Acteon and it works great on sinus grafts, osseous surgery and any bone cutting. It costs a lot less and you get two handpieces. I’m not familiar with the other two units mentioned.

  8. Scott Kennedy says:

    The Piezotome by Satelec(Acteon) does not get stuck in the bone because of a patented technology that creates a “cruise control” so that when the tip hits bone it does not bog down. It will run, depending on the set level from 10 um to 60 um. So basically if you have it at the highest level for dense bone at 60 um and you apply it to the bone it will remain at 60 um. No other competitors have this technology and thus they may say theirs runs at 100 um. However, once applied to a load it will drop to 40 um causing the tip to stop motion. This is the same technology used in its piezo scalers which allows it to remove decay and composite fillings along with tenacious cal.
    The Piezotome will reach a max temperature of 32 degrees C. Mectron will hit over 70 degrees C. increasing risk of necrosis.
    Piezotome also has hands-free foot pedals which can adjust everything on the unit not to mention it has the piezo scaler handpiece included. Cost is around $10,000. Hope this helps.

  9. Sinjin says:

    The Acteon you’ll have to buy an irrigation kit every case at about 100 bucks. That adds up real quick. IMHO there are all way overpriced.

  10. Scott says:

    That is absolutely rediculous Sinjin. Disposible irrigation lines are $15 per surgery. Not 100 bucks. Small price to have sterile lines. With competitors, if there is a problem with irrigation, the entire handpiece has to be sent to company. That is expensive.

  11. Ralph Wilson says:

    I’m stunned that anyone would prefer the Acteon unit after having used both in my office. The tip designed to cut bone around a tooth as a periotome is borderline useless for the Acteon. The inserts appear to be attempted clones for the Mectron but they are more expensive than the titanium nitride coated ones from mectron. Some of the inserts notably the ridge split ones are too wide at the top compared to the Mectron. The unit does run cooler…but cuts appreciably slower. When used properly, the ominous threats of necrosis don’t seem to be realistic. Milk is dangerous too, if you fill an 800 gallon drum with it and drop it on someone’s head. There are also inserts for implant site prep and based on the data it looks promising. Those inserts are patented and I believe there is pending litigation against Satalac for patent infringement. I have no idea where that will put things. Cost-wise the Satalac ends up way more expensive due to insert cost and disposable tubing. I have two mectron units now and am returning the Satalac.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have experience with all three units currently available (because I am a techno geek) and will give you my unbiased opinion. The ACTEON Piezotome unit is OK. It does not have the power “under load” that the Mectron and/or UBS units have, but it is adequate enough to do sinus lift procedure and other “light” applications. The insert tips are more expensive than the other two brands, and they snap pretty easily. As for any serious bone surgery application, it is not good. The Mectron (Piezosurgery) & UBS units have much more power. As for the Mectron unit, the “Error 5” message, which happens when the insert tip does not tune correctly, is a hassle, but it does guarantee that the end user will not cause any necrosis during the procedure since it will not allow a dull insert tip to be used. However, the company does not offer any written guarantees if an insert tip fails even if it is new. You have to call and hassle them for a return, but sometimes they will give you a replacement. When the Mectron unit works, there is nothing better! The UBS is a good too and offers more power than anything currently available, but it seems to be more power than function. The UBS inserts are made of titanium and if they last longer than the other two brands (which I don’t know yet) then I would recommend this brand over the other two. However, it is too soon to tell. I will keep you posted.

    . EMS and NSK’s units are “me too clones” that are not yet available due to FDA 510K approval, but the “word on the street” from my European Friends (who have these devices)

  13. Gary D Kitzis, DMD says:

    I have used a few of the piezo units, and I don’t think I would call them “clones.” They are devices that work similarly to produce a similar outcome. The units on the market are no more clones of one another than you could say Chevy, Ford, Dodge OR Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are clones of each other.

    My overall impression is that while all of them work and are good to have, they each have their characteristic quirks and weaknesses.

    Furthermore, at this stage of the game, they are very expensive instruments and it is too early to say if the piezo devices on the market are more like Chevys, Fords, and Dodges –OR– Audis, BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes. But, in my opinion, in 2008, they are more like the former.

  14. HG says:

    I was among the first to use the first piezosurgery unit by Mectron from 2003 for bone surgery in various indications (including orthognathic surgery).There was the problem of insert breakoff after a few uses when used to separate mandibular bone or dense bone in the anterior maxilla.
    Ever since, I have used other units like Piezotome (not better) and recently Variosurg.The latter is quite satisfiying in strength and I have used it for alveolar bone surgery of BRONJ;else, it seems like the only one with integrated light for more precision. It may be this one that I’ll buy for my clinic but wouldn’t there be other machnines to test before concluding? Please leave your experiences and comments.

  15. S.H. Karpinos says:

    I have the NSK unit. Does anyone have experience with this unit. What are the best settings for type 1,2,3,4,bone. What are the water flow setting that you use.and any general comments that would be helpful thank SHK

  16. Dr. Raouf El Batanony says:

    well the acteon piezotome is the best so far for bone grafting and sinus lift. it has the intralift kit for a new hydrodynamic closed sinus lift technique which give very safe great sinus lifting results.
    i actually attended a workshop in the ICOI conference in Cairo – Egypt and couldn’t resist is.
    it’s perfect.
    hope that was helpful

  17. dp says:

    hi, im an undergraduate student. Wanting to know if you can actually cut the holes for implants using piezosurgery, as opposed to using rotary drills?
    I understand that there are ultrasonic chisels out there that allow bone cutting, but im unsure whether one can cut the hole in which the implant is placed using ultrasonics?

  18. AJS says:

    Dear R. Hughes:
    The Osada piezo Unit is a very precise piezo but better indicated minor surgery, demonstrations are performed on egg shells without actually perforating the inner membrane but it is very dificult to cut through hard blocks of bone. For Sinus lift surgery it does come in handy but for other aplications it may lack in power. LED Light incorporated into hand piece and precise cutting tips.

    Dear dp:
    Piezosurgery II and Esacrom have these tips for implant site preparation, the diameters and laser marked lengths are singular and do not coincide with all the shapes and sizes of the implants available on the market.

  19. Denzil says:

    Has anyone heard of the ‘surgystar’ by DMETEC. I tried to get some information from their company. I emailed some questions – the guy on the other end got upset with my line of questioning – how can I pay, what if I have a problem with the machine, who’ll fix it.
    Has anyone heard of this company. They won’t send the unit until the money is transfered to their account.

  20. PAUL says:

    HI DP






  21. JP says:

    I bought the SurgyStar from Dmetec.
    They have a very interesting price, and the device seems okay.So , this atracted me . The device is very comparable with the Mectron, NSK,..
    They have a range of tips, and the tips are compatible with Mectron;
    Produced by a Korean (present on IDS ,Köln Germany)company, specialised in piezo and scaler units.
    Communication via Mr. Kay, quick and correct.
    They prepare a supply base in Germany.


  22. Sarah says:

    Dear All,

    ACTEON recently came out with AUTOCLAVABLE Irrigation lines for their PIEZOTOME. They can be used up to 100 times, all you need to do is replace the perforator piece. One irrigation line w/ 10 perforators costs about $130… this keeps costs down considerably! Thanks ACTEON for filling the need.

    Hope this helps.

  23. Kay Lee says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m Kay Lee who is mentioned by above some Dr.s

    I’m very surprised to see my name on this site.

    I’m not gonna advertise Surgystar here

    but I’d like to mention something.

    First, dear Dr. Denzil, Advance Payment is company regulation and we are trustworthy company and make only quality products. If you pay in advance, you will not regret with our quality ^^.

    Second, thanks to JP, lots of ultrasonic device is coming into market but quality product is rare. We tested many device in our lab. I can make sure that about 5 company’s devices have good quality. My advice is that pls. do not rely on the brand name. Brand name makes price of device higher.

  24. Ken Hasty says:

    My advice would be to see which companies have real research and can prove their claims. To my knowledge, of the 80+ articles, almost every one of them are on the Mectron/Piezosurgery device.

  25. Dr.Hamidifar says:

    I am interested in purchasing a piezo type surgery unit and i am wonder which is the best action in field. mectron or ACTEON by satelec or UBS? Is there anybody explain the pros and cons of each?? is it right about the autocalavble irrigtaion line by ACTEON?

  26. Palumbo Giacomo says:

    Hi, I’m a dentist Italian and I bought the SURGYSTAR for quality price. I use it in my Office by 2009 is I am very pleased with its performance, I have withdrawn lately Tips for implants that I used to with sinus crestale approach. The Council why is a great device.

  27. G P says:

    comparison of f… you mean buy a Cartier, Girard Perregaux or Vaheron Costantin is to buy the fake!!!!!!

  28. ibrahim says:

    just bought a surgystar— was a bit dubious at first- but looked into it- and they are making the piezo surgery for some other brands. all the tips you could need etc for 2500GBP- you can get them for 3000 euros, but nowadays that amounts to more than in GBP from korea sent to uk.
    i looked into alot of machines- and this was to me did the job as well as the others i sampled- so i thought i would save the cash!!! it is modern and seems very robust- customer service is mainly in korean or italian 🙂 but who cares- it has a 2 year warranty- and they speak english-
    hopeing i wont need the warranty

  29. Dr Alan Freedman says:

    Has anyone the Variosurg unit? What have you found to be good optimal setting in the surgical mode, especially for the burst options 1,2 and 3 using SG1 or SG8 tips?


  30. Giacomo Palumbo says:

    Hi, since one year I replaced my SURGYSTAR with ARTeotomy, OP1
    I am very well an excellent user-friendly device with settings icon touch screen functions. Feature the pedal wireless so less obstacles between your feet and an infinity of tips for any surgery.


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