Piezo Surgery Technique

New! Piezosurgery – State of the Art in Implantology
Learn from the inventor of Piezosurgery, Dr. Vercellotti! Advantages of Piezosurgery, such as less healing time, and easier post-op, will be discussed. Plus, he will cover one of the most interesting applications: Implant Site Preparation at the time of tooth extraction.
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Dr. Dollalmo, asks us,
Has anybody had any experience with the recently introduced piezosurgery surgical unit?

Can you please share with me the pros and cons of this new surgical technique? Is this truly a revolutionary technique for cutting bone?

73 thoughts on “Piezo Surgery Technique

  1. satish joshi says:

    as it cuts only hard tissues, so the danger of damage to nerves or arteries or sinus membrane is less.
    it is pretty expensive.

    I had attended a full day course on this at NYU recently which included hands on. I have not used it yet, but I have watched other faculty use it with ease, in maxi sinus window prep and ramus block harvest . The diamond bit breaks easily. If you get a chance attend a lecture from Dr. Wallace at NYU.

  2. Don Callan says:

    I have been using the instrument for about 6 weeks. It is the best I have ever used for all types of bone surgery. I am also using it for perio surgery. It so good I plan to purchase another for the other room. It is worth it.

  3. fouad says:

    it generates a sigifiacant amount of heat, watch for handle and shaft very hot… ,
    another problems: slow cutting compared to high speed, slowwww… slightly disappointing.

  4. Alejandro Berg says:

    Used a unit from Mectron (italy) and its really really good, its really easy to make a split ridge, a sinus lift or to take a block for a graft.this unit has programs that allow you to cut,carve or polish and the tips are really nice.The other day we removed a canine in palatal position it was the easiest i have ever done.
    Totally recomended.
    As a con it is really expensive and not really for implant placing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    used Mectron piezosurgery for 2 years. Problems related with easily-broken burs, weak power, electric shock from the handpiece were solved or greatly improved…but you can see rust stain blended with sprayed saline whenever you use it a years after you bought it….

  6. piezo1 says:

    i have used the Piezosurgery (the first model) for two years; very useful in any situation, but pretty expensive.
    Probably i’ ll buy a “clone” of the original instrument by other companies (e.g. BioSaf and Esacrome) that cost a 40% less.

  7. fabrizio says:

    in response to piezo1 comment.
    Can u forward me a link or phone numbers to companies that produce the piezosurgery clone?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Piezosurgery device is quite simple to use once you have taken the course offered. Problems encountered with the device are easily resolved and don’t affect the performance at all. The cost is somewhat expensive, but when compared to what I currently use it is warranted because the speed of surgeries is improved where I can do more patients with less morbidity.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Common theme seems to be that the unit is very expensive although, no one states ow much it cost. I have even been in contact with the company who did not want to discuss cost, stated they will have their sales staff contact me regarding fees. Can someone please give a general idea regarding the cost associated with this unit. I would imagine it to be similar to a cavitron unit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the comments shown about the Piezosurgery unit, there is certainly a learning curve, but it has been very short for most experienced dental surgeons. As with any precision machine, you must properly maintain the machine, the handpieces, and the inserts. The broken inserts have come from improperly tightening the inserts and weakening them. And those complaining of slower cutting times need to be properly inserviced by Piezosurgery personnel. In most cases it is more than time effficient to older techniques. Also beware of clonish knockoffs, because they are not FDA approved. I would recommend you contact the folks at Piezosurgery for a proper demonstration.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Piezo 1, I haven’t been able to locate “BioSaf” or “Esacrome” anywhere on the internet. I am interested in a piezoelectric surgical knock-off if you or anyone else has information. thank you PCDDS

  12. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the question about excess heat. When operating the Piezosurgery machine from Mectron, you must keep the insert moving. Whether you are in a tight spot or an open area, you must keep the insert moving to gain maximum cutting efficiency and to keep the insert and handpiece cool. Those that try to stop in one spot and apply too much hand pressure in one area will get heat build up, just like your old high speed contra and straight. You wouldn’t keep them in the same spot without taking a short break. You must also keep an eye on your irrigation bag to make sure it still has water or saline in it. If you are cutting very dense bone, you can increase the Piezosurgery units irrigation flow very easily to further reduce any heat build up. I found that most people having “problems” have not been properly in-serviced or have picked up bad habits from watching others with bad habits. This machine and technology is awesome and will make a wonderful difference in the way you do surgery, but you must demand a proper in-service. You wouldn’t use a new implant system without the rep there to help you through the details.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I see a lot of requests for info on clones of the Piezosurgery unit. Please be forwarned that 99% of these units are not FDA approved and will not perform at the same level as the original unit does. You can always find what seems to be a cheap substitute for almost anything, especially on the internet. But, when you purchase this “deal” you will never get a representative to come out and properly instruct you on how to operate it and you will not get the years of science and technology that it took to develop the original unit, whether it’s Piezosurgery or Mercedes. I doubt that you drive a Yugo, why would your patients want you to use a Yugo Piezo knockoff. They expect you to use something FDA approved and something that provides proven performance and scientific backing. Let the buyer beware and suffer the consequences of going cheap! Don’t waste your money and risk your patient’s health on these garage shop knock off’s.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for that great “advice”! I’ve always taken great pleasure in a good condescending lecture from someone who knows nothing about me. Boy, you must really think I’m stupid Dad. By the way it’s a Porsche 911S 2006

  15. Ziv Mazor says:

    I’ve been using the “Mectron” piezo for more than 3 years now.It’s one of the biggest inventions in bone surgery at the last decade.It does need a learning curve and I find lot’s of applications both in Implant surgery,perio surgery,Tooth extractions,endo surgery,implant site development and more…

  16. TW says:

    I have used the Osada pieso unit with tips modified from regular tips. Osada has been selling a set of tips prior to Mectron started to offer its units in the US.

    Regarding FDA approval, I have not seem it in Piezosurgery’s sale’s material or its website. I could not find information regarding FDA approval for the Osada unit either.

    For those of us who does apical surgery, using piezo to cut bone is NOT new. It is not invented by Piezosurgery. In apical surgery, more is known for using piezo to prep the root end, but I, and I am sure some others, use the same piezo unit to gain access through bone.

  17. Christine Ford says:

    I recently purchased a Mectron unit and tried to use it on a couple of cases. I had been given a couple of DVD’s and the rep came in for about 1/2 hour for a speed course in how to use it. As a periodontist, I am quite well acqainted with surgical technic. First patient I burned his buccal mucosa-I was too focused on the sinus membrane and not tearing it. The second patient I used it for an atraumatic extraction and got a burning bone smell like the old electrosurgery units-not so obvious when your are doing it, but heat is critical. That patient developed an osteomyelitis and is still healing. I’ve since taken an all day course which never got around to the hands on part. Skip the theory and spend time with someone who actutally knows how to operate the unit-and pay a lot of attention to heat!!

  18. yassen_d says:

    “Thank you for that great “advice”! I’ve always taken great pleasure in a good condescending lecture from someone who knows nothing about me. Boy, you must really think I’m stupid Dad. By the way it’s a Porsche 911S 2006 ”
    Actually you are righth- piezo clones are not bad at all. In Bulgaria, just last week there was a presentation by Esacrome. It turned out that it was 30% cheaper than Mectron. The interesting bonus is that Esacrome comes with 24 tips(instead of 12 by Mectron). In Bulgaria both units cost about 4500 Euros (around 6500 USD)

  19. ahuangdds says:

    The cost ia about 12-13K, and it is worth every pennies of it. I check out the unit last year, and still trying to come up with the money to buy it.

  20. Bob Horowitz says:

    I agree with my good friend Ziv. The unit has revolutionized the ability to prepare sinus windows quickly, easily, perforation free and with sterile irrigation. Additionally, the extraction tips make even the most difficult extractions easy and cause no fractures to the bone. Ridge splits, periodontal surgeries are all easier and more predictable with the Mectron unit. A number of the clones are : not FDA approved, may cut soft tissue and don’t necessarily cost less when you consider what you get with the Mectron unit. Additionally, you don’t see the other companies giving courses, sending out the names of other colleagues who have the unit as Mectron/Piezosurgery does.

  21. Bob Horowitz says:

    PS – I have NOT broken a tip in 6 months either in my office nor at NYU. Only a couple of times in the first few surgeries did the tip get out of tune which was remedied at the factory. The learning curve for most procedures is very short and is usually handled during your hands-on course or, if needed, at an in-office demonstration.

  22. Bob Horowitz says:

    Call the company and ask when there will be another hands-on course in your area. They are given all the time. Email me and I can get you in touch with the person running them if you need.

  23. Jim Boyle says:

    I have been using the pizo unit for the past 6 months and find it an asset to my practice. All bone harvesting, preprosthetic ostectomies and in office osteotomies are performed with the pizo. There is a learning curve and I have improved efficency/speed over past 3 months.

  24. piezo101 says:

    I am concerned about the speed of bone removal when using the piezo unit. Obviously in certain circumstances this is not a problem, but at other times are you not tempted to take out a straight handpiece to move things along a little quicker.

  25. Dr J Kesave says:

    I need to know more about piezosurgery,equipement costs,maintainance etc.
    Could you please let me know about its use especially in maxillofacial bony procedures like osteotomies.
    Many thanks,

  26. Stephan Mühlberger says:

    There is a new unit on the market, the piezon master surgery from EMS.
    In Europe you can buy the device already, in USA it will be available end of 2007. Very effective, reliable instruments and fancy.

  27. Margo says:

    Anyone has the probelm of cleaning the space around the tip of Mectron piezosurgery unit? We can not detach the upper part of the handpiece! Thx

  28. GREGG A. PETERSON says:

    What is the current consenus about the other brands of piezoelectric units particulary the Osada unit?

  29. Steve Wallace says:

    Do you really believe that a $2,500 unit (Osada)compares in a manner with a unit selling for over $10,000?
    The reasons are different and superior technology and , in the case of Mectron Piezosurgery, 10 years of documented clinical usage by 1,000’s of clinicians. I have used Piezosurgery for 5 years for sinus elevation and have no (yes I said no)perforations and no extensive bleeding. I also use it for extractions, block grafts and perio surgery. You may also want to consider a trained sales force who will set up your machine and be there for your first surgery as well as a network of trained clinicians. Call me if you have any questions. Steve Wallace 203-753-1112

  30. TH says:

    Hi Dr Wallace,
    I agree with you that such a huge difference in price would speak for the quality and performance of the unit. How about the satelec unit from ACTEON?
    How about their special irrigation that can’t be procured by 3rd party but that the company claimed to be superior in the cooling process and function?
    Dr. Rosen had one unit and seems to be happy with, may I also have his opinion?
    Thank You

  31. dr.talal says:

    i wanted to know if anyone has used the esacrom piezo unit,and to make comparison between this unit and the mectron
    thank you

  32. Flavio says:

    escuse me, but i tried to check on internet these esacrome and biosaf, and i couldn´t find nothing!!! i want to consider the piezotome by satelec that with 4000€ they give also 3 different kits for osteotomy; extraction; sinus lift!!! if you know something of different and low price teel me please because i´m very interested
    thank you Dr. ´flavio de fulvio rome italy

  33. Jean-Francois Brochu says:

    I am shopping for a unit at the moment… I saw the the Piezotome from Acteon (Satelec), the Piezosurgery from Mectron, and today I saw the INTRAsurg 300 from Kavo. Mectron is supposed to produce too much heat and inserts may brake easily… Acteon is supposed not to have the heating problem. I don’t know about the fragility of the inserts… but is anyone have tried the Kavo INTRAsurg 1000 Air with inserts for bone surgery and sinus lifts? I don’t have a Porche but I don’t care about the price… on the long run, I want something reliable and effective.

  34. Flavio says:

    hello and thank you Jean-Francois for your conseil/advice.
    sorry to all the forum for my uncorrect english grammar!!!
    only today i had a news from NSK dental inc., and they told me that from this september will be commercialise a new ultra-sonic surgery handpice that will include also the Circular Optic illumination for better view inside the surgical site, and the possibility to use the same optic-handpice for surgery, periodontics, and root-scalers, because it will have more option to change the different tips and change the power and the work Hz frequency,without buy another handpice as in the mectron or satelec!!! i don´t know the price again but they told me that it will be low than the piezosurgery.the last new is that with nsk ultrasonic surgry handpice you can use satelec, piezotome and nsk tips to have more opportunity of choice. bye flavio

  35. anon says:

    Kavo is another self irrigating twist drill system with a light and not a modulated ultrasonic device.

  36. Victor Ho says:

    I have had an OSADA unit for about 4 months. I have used it for sinus lifts, surgical periotomes, and I am about to buy tips for apicoectomies. It makes sinus lifts a breeze and No perforation. I admit I have a lot of perforations with the rotary instruments. I also use it for periotomes to dig into the PDL in some cases. OSADA has tips for that too. I have never noticed any heat emitted with this unit. It is a heck of a lot cheaper than the Mecton vesion. $2500 with the sinus lift tips!! It works well.

  37. J-F Brochu says:

    Sorry for the confusion about the Kavo unit.
    The INTRAsurg 300 is in fact only a twist drill.
    The INTRAsurg 1000 has 2 handpieces, which one is piezo. It is not available in America, but it is in Europe and Asia. See the following link (it is in French… did not find access in English)

    Can somebody explain the difference with piezo and ultrasonic? Is it only a higher frequency for the piezo?

    Thank you

  38. Peter Munns says:

    I have been using Mectron Piezo for three months and am very pleased with the unit.I do a lot of ridge splits al la Bruschl Scipioni et al and find that although it takes a little longer to use than a hard scalpel such as the Beaver morbidity is reduced as is healing time. Also like using the peiotome insert for assistance with extraction of long endo treated roots. Expensive but I like it.

  39. Ruumi Daruwalla says:

    I respect the work of Dr Steve Wallace and no doubt Mectron is a good unit. So are Satelec and Esacrom. Osada is a lousy unit. EMS is reasonable but not in the same league.
    There is a unit in Italy developed even before Mectron called Ultrasonic Bone Surgery (UBS). Dr. Cornelio Blus who developed it knows his stuff, besides being an amazing surgeon. There are many scientific studies with this unit too. It is widely used in Italy and has started sales in other countries too. If UBS is Ferrari, Mectron is Mercedes A Class. That is the difference in the power and utility. It has some amazing features that are lacking in Mectron and other units. I have tried each and every unit on the market from Mectron to Satelec to Osada to Esacrom to KaVo. There is no comparison to UBS. It will be available in USA after a few months when FDA approval is obtained. There is 1 unit with NYU and 1 with Team Atlanta for some years now. I am sure Dr Steve Wallace must have tried it.
    Mectron, Satelec and Escarom are all good units. UBS is just more powerful; and you can do your work faster.

  40. Tony says:

    Piezo v ultrasonic.

    There is generaly no difference between piezo and ultrasonic as most of the ultrasonic devices that are refered to use piezo ceramic components to generate ultrasound hence the use of these two references for the same technology.

  41. Ruumi Daruwalla says:

    Tony is right. Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery is a better word. Ever since UBS has come on the Italian market, Mectron has added the word “ultrasonic” in their description.

  42. steven says:

    As I know,in the unit made by KaVo the moovement of the tip is generated by air; in piezo units the vibration is generated electronically throu a crystal. That is why piezo units are more powerfull and reliabel in comparison with ultrasonic.

  43. oma says:

    That´s right, in the KaVo 1000 it´s the SonicSys handpiece, operated by air at 6kHz, it´s NOT a piezo! I´m using it in general dentistry (calculus, microdentistry) and it is very versatile and inexpensive (handpiece 1 k€, tips 160 € each). The new “bone” tips are now available in Germany, they can be used with external coolant (sterile NaCl) and might work for a sinuslift, but I doubt if they´re powerful enough for blocks. Might be an inexpensive alternative. I bought the Mectron in 2005 (7,5 k€ incl. a second handpiece and washtray, very useful, and several extra tips) and it works great in particular and block bone grafts, internal and external sinuslifts, apex surgery, atraumatic extractions…Highly recommended. I´ve tried out others (don´t know the UBS or Osada), the only one that came close was the Esacrome, available at American Dental Systems Jerney, Vaterstetten/Germany, 4 k€ (no second handpiece etc.). Use your fingertips and store your NaCl in the fridge at 4°C!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. oma says:

    I´m sorry,I´m new to this forum and I didn´t read the rules before I posted the links yesterday, so they were erased by the editors. But you might also be successful in “googling” one of the following keywords: kavo intrasurg 1000, sonicflex 2003L, sonicflex bone (erratum: the handpiece is called sonicflex, NOT sonicsys!), adsystems surgysonic

  45. Paolo Generali says:

    I bought a Mectron unit more than 5 years ago, and used it for sinus lift, bone-splitting, alveolar nerve repositioning and endodontic surgery. It’s not fast but neither slow, very safe and less traumatic than conventional drills. In my opinion, I think that piezosurgery is a very safe technique, that ends up in less bleeding, less swelling and less postoperative pain. I can’t remember how much I payed for it, but I know how much it helped me.
    This is not promotional, only a touristic suggestion:
    Piezo people, here in Italy, give courses in a fantastic place, Sestri Levante, near Cinque Terre and Portofino. Perhaps they could give them also in English, if requested.

  46. john contino says:

    we purchased the mectron unit about 3 months ago. it definitely is a nice instrument and I think actually saves time on sinus lift procedures. we have had problems with the tips breaking and/or becoming nonfunctional. so far the company has been very helpful.

  47. M.S. says:

    I have read the posts from June 6th and those prior. I have been researching “piezoelectric” units from multiple manufacturers but am confused about one claim. Do all manufacturers (Osada, Esacrome, EMS, Satelec . . .) claim their unit will not cut/injure soft tissue, or does Mectron only make that claim?

  48. Tony Woo, DDS says:

    There is no instrument, piezo included, that doesn’t cut soft tissue. Piezo may not be effective in cutting soft tissue, but it would still injury soft tissue.

    Mectron came to Tufts for a demo last week. It did a good job on egg and rib, but we didn’t have hard bone resembling the mandible to cut on. It did shredded the periosteum on the rib.

    I could not get pricing information from one of the rep I asked. He just seemed to have an atitude. It dosn’t reflect on the quality of the machine, but it makes it more difficult to make the decision to buy Mectron as one would need the rep to buy and get support.

  49. Dr K says:

    Experienced surgeons tend to find the Piezo a little slower and more of a gimmick. Less experienced surgeons LOVE this machine. It is less efficient in cutting but allows for more safety. I have used it and really like the tip that initially reflects the membrane during sinus elevation. This is worth the money alone.

    The tips break easily and we have many instances of errors. The reps are very helpful and always respond promptly.

    Cost is about 12000-15000 US depending on package. Some have tips and irrigation supplies and others have more handles. The tips are also VERY expensive at almost 200 US dollars per tip. THey say you can get 10-15 surgeries per tip but our average is 6-8 surgeries.

    Still, a great instrument for bone harvesting and sinus elevation if you are still developing skills.

    Bone saw cuts in 10 seconds while Piezo takes 5-10 minutes. Round but cuts in seconds while Piezo takes minutes. If time is VERY important than this is not for you. If it is a difficult case…Piezo is the good choice.

  50. G.A. says:

    Working correctly with the OSADA unit enables minimum invasive non-agressive UBS procedures. The gentle precise tissue division depends on the appropriate working technique. The tips are multifunctional, not overheating and not fragile.
    The OSADA unit is unique in its design both of the Device and Tips.

  51. Dr. Smith says:

    I bought a few months ago a new piezo surgery unit : UBS from RESISTA ITALY It had the simplest split crest ever !! the titaniun tips allow me make a really thin cut quickly and save this way a lot of time.

  52. fabrizio says:

    To Dr. Smith,

    where did you purchase the UBSurgery machine? Have you used the Mectron unit, and if so how do they compare? I have had a lot of troubles with the Mectorn unit (i.e. tips stop working)and I am getting very frustrated.

  53. Dr. Smith says:

    I bought it in the factory in ITALY during a trip.I tried both UBS and MECTRON…not even comparable!! My advice is to pick UBS

  54. Alexander DDS says:

    I don’t have a problem using my clone highspeed handpiece, why would I worry about a “clone” piezo machine?

    FDA already cleared piezo for use in surgery i never heard about needing clearance for similar devices independently. Besides WHO REALLY TRUSTS THE FDA ANYWAY? They allow poison in our food supply. Lets talk about allowing Hydrogeneted oils in our food, what about antibiotics in meat, pesticides, clone fruits and vegitables. How about not stepping up to the plate about requiring nutritional facts on BEER? bottled water companies need this label alcohol manufacturing do not. What about all those pills they allow on the market, VIOX, PAXIL, Phen Fen, Bisphosphonates, etc… ever hear all the side effects in the commercials? Do you really believe a country such as S. KOREA Canada, MEXICO has a health department that is not concerned about safety to its citizens???? FDA is not on the side of the average American citizen it is in it for the money so I am not too concerned about FDA clearance when I use a medication that has been approved elsewhere or a device that has been approved elsewhere. Besides all of the electronics for these Piezo units are made in the same factory on the same assembly line.
    As far as service, i will get repairs done or parts ordered from the clone company. How about mentioning the fact that non-clones are sold abroad for 30% less. For example ever go to china, at almost every dental office there it a CEREC 3D, Digital x-rays, BIOLASE lasers, CT scanners etc… They have all the toys and they get them there for much less despite the fact that people there are paid much less that in the US. Here you have to deal with 2-3 middle men to get what you want & it ends up costing a fortune.
    Finally how many patients really care or are aware of all the brand name dental manufactures. For their clothes sure but for bur manufacturers of Piezo units or apex locators or electrosurges nobody really cares. So I suspect you probably work for one of these manufactures and are just a little bit upset that people can by the same thing bypassing your commission. Frankly all i care is that i have good tools to do the job right and that it is safe for the patient. And reading your unfounded post to try and scare people here that buying a clone is like buying a lemon and it is not FDA approved….woooo thats tabboooo is a bunch on crap. So until you take a clone and the original and take the 2 apart to compare all the parts and do the same test on both as far as safety and effectiveness I suggest you not comment on what you do not know nor scare people here about something that is not true.

  55. Scott Kennedy says:

    The Piezotome by Satelec (Acteon) will heat up to a max of 32 degrees C. The Mectron will hit 72 degrees C. As you know there will be signs of necrosis at 40 degrees C.
    Tips are made of stainless-steel medical grade alloy with specific thermic and surface treatments which means no corrosion and much higher strength. You should get a minimum of 16 surgeries before replacing tips. Unit costs around $10,000. Satelec invented piezo technology in 1972 and have always been on the forefront in research and technology.

    Satelec (Acteon) also has the Implant Surgery unit coming Oct 24th 2007 at the AAP in DC. It is the Piezotome with an implant drill which has the highest torque in the industry. Cost will be about $16,000.

  56. Ralph Wilson says:

    I have no idea why someone would posts the times to cut as comparison. In my experience, things go just fine in terms of speed if you know how to use it. I’ve used the Satalac and Mectron and the Mectron wins hands down in speed, insert cost, insert quality, and lack of disposable cost. The Satalac isn’t bad, and it doesn’t get as hot…but heat has not been an issue clinically.I have not had issues with tips breaking. We have 3 units and 4 surgeons in my practice and have had it about a year and we have broken one tip that was likely ancient.

    I take specific issue with what Dr. K wrote. I am and experience surgeon and I love it. It is a great aid in extractions, ridge splits, full antral sinus lifts, etc. I will quote something specific I disagree with:

    “Bone saw cuts in 10 seconds while Piezo takes 5-10 minutes. Round but cuts in seconds while Piezo takes minutes. If time is VERY important than this is not for you. If it is a difficult case…Piezo is the good choice.”

    If you are cutting a ridge for a ridge split and taking 5-10 minutes you are using it wrong and don’t know what you are doing. I don’t think it takes any longer than 30 seconds to cut a ridge for a split…though he may be speaking of something else. A sinus window can be cut in minutes safely…speed was an issue at first…I figured it out 🙂

  57. Baybars says:

    Any comments about EMS Piezon Master Surgery? I am planning to buy a unit but I am not sure which brand is the best. I have been told that EMS Piezon Master Surgery is very good. Anyone had an experience??

    Thank you

  58. chris bailey says:

    i have tried the EMS unit and it is very nice. good selection of tips, nice kit for hanpiece, tips, holder. it was a bit slow during my initial try, but as i became more handy, it works great. i asked about the heat issue, and was told that EMS’ unit does not heat up more that 33 C due to design and the high flow pump. will mostl likely buy one shortly

  59. Matteo Rossini says:

    Dear colleagues, I want to purchase a device among these 3: Surgybone-silfradent, Esacrom-surgysonic II, biosaf-easysurgery.
    I have seen the characteristics in internet and they seem me very similar. According to you thing I must buy? and the Ubs of withstands as it goes? thanks

  60. Neil Thomas DDS says:

    The Piezo bone surgery units cut like butter. I purchased the Saddletac from Salvin. It is very percise, allowing for very accurate cuts for ridge splitting, sub antral windows and harvesting of autogenous blocks with minimal trauma. With the ridge splitting technique, minimal reflection is necessary as all cuts are crestal and internal. This leaves the periosteum intact. I have had no problems with the tips or heat. Make sure instrument is set properly.

    Check out the bone expansion kits from Meisenger for split ridge technique with piezo and spreaders.

  61. Marco Montanari says:

    I am an italian youg dentist.
    I have just bought Esacrom (surgison) 3600 E in sale (about 5700 $).
    Fortunately company is near myprivate practice. I have not used it yet in patients but I try it on pig, rabbit cranium, egg (simulating sinus lift augmentation).

    If you need help contact me for informations

    Marco Montanari
    mail: montmarco@virgilio.it

  62. Anonymous says:

    My dentist extracted my broken front tooth (#9) using a piezo scaler-blade and periotomes. He then placed an immediate implant. After 5 days my gum started to recede showing the implant. The dentist tried three times to place bone growth material, but I have lost all my gum and bone above the tooth as well as bone on the 2 adjoining teeth #10 and #8). Obviously, I lost the implant as well. My dentist said that perhaps the piezo device shocked the bone. Does this make sense? Is the piezo used often for front teeth extractions or is this an off label use for the device?

  63. JS says:

    The Piezosurgery Device by Mectron, by far stands alone from the competition. It is the only device on the market with scientific backing, field support and monthly educational courses!! Dr. Vercellotti, and his team of engineers and clinicians in Italy have continued to push this technology.

    The Piezosurgery device – offers a huge variety of insert tips for numerous clinical applications. Most of the clones or others, wait until inserts are produced and then reverse engineer a copy of Mectrons. Piezosurgery now offers saw blades that are .35mm in thickness, which allows for fine osteotomies in interpostional grafting techniques, interdental cortocotomies, and ridge expansion! It’s common physics, the thinner and finer piece of metal whipping through bone allows for less physical resistance….ultimately a quicker cut!!

    I would personally compare apples to apples when looking at these devices. You’ll find, when you do the research most of these devices are only $1500 apart….in the long run it’s not a huge difference when you purchase the best on the market!

  64. Jorge Capielo says:

    I used surgysonic esacrom about five years ago, here in venezuela south america, the tips can break easily in any brand…if you start to run without touch bone…the energy generated on the tip can break it! I used to make sinus graft ( lateral approsach),split ridge, bone haverst , deep scaling and others…. but now I have a problem with my esacrom handpiece…Please let me know a representative o sales representative to try to fix my equippment!


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