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Problem implant case with mobile implant: comments?

Last Updated October 22, 2019
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I have 47 year old male patient in excellent health, non-smoker who presented initially in November 2012 with a failed post crown on #10 [maxillary left lateral incisor; 22;UL2] due to a vertical fracture through the root. This tooth had root canal treatment and an apicoectomy. A radiolcuent lesion was present.

I extracted #10 in December 2012 and found that there was no buccal wall. I placed a resin bonded fixed partial denture (Maryland bridge).

4 weeks later I laid a full thickness flap around #10, curetted out the granulation tissue did socket preservation with OSTEON bone graft and membrane with primary closure. I prescribed a systemic antibiotic.

6 weeks later the patient returned with purulent discharge from the sinus. I prescribed an antibiotic.

I later installed a 10mm implant with cover screw 6 months after the bone graft and buried it. I positioned the implant palatally. I planned to do a screw retained crown.

At the 2nd stage uncovery 9 weeks after implant installation the implant was mobile. I could feel it spinning. I decided to leave it for another 6 weeks before making an impression.

At 6 weeks later I mad a final impression and the implant seemed to be osseointegrated. I attempted final try in of the crown 2 weeks later and everything was fine. I removed the crown and replaced the healing abutment so I could restore the distal surface of #9 [maxillary left central incisor;21;UL1]. At the next visit after restoring #9 the implant in #10 site was mobile again? Did I not wait long enough for complete osseointegration? What should I do now?

2 months after bone grafting2 months after bone grafting
implant placement implant placement
final crown try infinal crown try in

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