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Problems with Bone Level Implant: Any ideas?

Last Updated January 28, 2020
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

Lately I have had a lot of issues with my bone level implant that I use. I am using a Zimmer generic brand implant. Here are three cases of before and after radiographs. I would appreciate any ideas as to what is going on with these cases. Case 1 is a bone level with a tissue level on a 55 yr old female the last xray showing bone loss on the bone level only was 6 mos. post op. Case 2 is on a 74 yr old female. The bone level implant had bone loss on exposure past the first thread so I removed it and placed a tissue level. The third case is on a 76 yr old female. The final post op was 3 years later. Note the large cratering around the bone level and none around the tissue level?

Case 1

pre oppre op
march 2014march 2014
jan. 2015

Case 2

post insertion 74 yrpost insertion 74 yr
post insertion 74 insertion 74 yr.Case 3

post insertion 76 yr old 2012post insertion 76 yr old 2012
76 yr old 1 year post op76 yr old 1 year post op
76 yr old 3 yr post op76 yr old 3 yr post op

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