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Soft tissue dehiscence after uncovery: recommendations?

Last Updated August 09, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have a 50-year old patient who has a chronic smoking habit but otherwise non-contributory medical history. I had placed 6 implants in the maxilla 4 months ago with 2 in the right and left maxillary posterior after sinus lifts. Patient returned and is healing well and I uncovered the implants. 2 implants had been overgrown by bone which I cut away to uncover them. I then placed healing caps. I scheduled the patient for impressions. After 1 week, the patient has come back for the impressions, and I see bone is visible on the lingual side of the healing abutments (2 implants), though threads are not visible. I debrided with plastic tipped scalers and irrigated with chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide. Any recommendations on how I should precede at this point?

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