Dental Implant Placement with a Mesh Membrane

This case involves a patient missing the upper left central incisor. The treatment plan involved implant placement, along with a variety of grafting materials, including a titanium mesh membrane.

One thought on: Dental Implant Placement with a Mesh Membrane

  1. sb oms says:

    Nice video
    I think your implant is too far the the facial.
    You had so much palatal bone, but you didn’t use it.
    I don’t doubt your surgical skills. But i think you over treated this case with the grafting.
    Implants that are far away from the facial plate are at lower risk for peri-implantitis down the road. I’ve learned this the hard way and now keep implants in the anterior as far in the palatal aspect of the alveolus as possible. Then a screw retained crown is easy.

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