Extraction of a Tooth with Severe Infection

In this video, Dr. Simon reviews a case with a patient who had a fractured tooth in the aesthetic zone. Dr. Simon provides some tips on how to increases your chances of success when faced with this type of situation, where the tooth presents with a severe infection due to a root fracture. One of the issues covered is the premedication of patients with antiobiotics in these types of cases. It is suggested that prior to extraction you consider premedicating your patients with antibiotics, if they present with infected sites. One reason for this to reduce swelling. however, another potential benefit is that pre-operative antibiotics will often make it easier to anesthesize the patient. Leave any comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Extraction of a Tooth with Severe Infection

  1. why raising the flap?
    extract, degranulate, overfill bone substance+collagen plug.
    It is a minimal procedure, you preserve the papillae

  2. Ziv, you mentioned using probiotics with Cleocin. How do you tell the pt. what to purchase, OTC I presume. And how to take them. What brand of the probiotic do you recommend?

    Very nice case, by the way.

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