Lower Right Molar Extraction & Immediate Implant Placement Using i-PRF

In this video, the lower right second molar was extracted due to a failed root canal. The socket was grafted and an immediate dental implant (AnyRidge) was placed. After four months, the tooth was restored with screw retined zirconia crown. Using Choukroun’s PRF Centrifuge System i-PRF was used during grafting to address missing buccal bone. i-PRF is a liquid formulation of platelet rich fibrin (PRF) that is injected into the area and graft material. It is prepared by centrifuging at 700 rpm (60G) for 3 min. It studies it has “demonstrated the ability to release higher concentrations of various growth factors and induced higher fibroblast migration and expression of PDGF, TGF-β”1. Following placement of the graft material, an A-PRF membrane is used.

1.Injectable platelet rich fibrin (i-PRF): opportunities in regenerative dentistry?, Miron RJ et al. Clin Oral Investig. 2017 Nov;21(8):2619-2627.

13 thoughts on: Lower Right Molar Extraction & Immediate Implant Placement Using i-PRF

  1. Dan says:

    Nice music ,
    I’d like to see the photos and x-rays post op , restoration and implant
    and maybe after 3 years as well.
    every procedure is very nice immediately but nobody has the patience
    and the intellectual honesty to wait and show the results in the long term (3-5 years)
    I don’t understand again whats the rush to do everything “immediate”…

  2. Matt Helm D.D.S. says:

    Your rationale for using i-PRF instead of GBR? (besides lower cost). What graft material? Post-op photos of final restoration and, pre-op and post-op x-rays would be appropriate here.

  3. Chris Smith says:

    Nice case. You have minimised the number of surgical appointments by installing the implant at time of the extraction. Less time in the chair, less episodes of postoperative discomfort, shorter time frame to restoration = things that are important to our patients.

  4. FRANK says:

    It’s Funny. On the left picture at the beginning if the video we can see the socket of the molar
    that is healed 4 weeks at least!
    So this is not an immediate implant!
    It’s not funny after all. It’s phony….
    And sloppy. Pouring stuff unrully under the gum. Uncontrolled.
    Why post something like that?

    • DrS says:

      The pictures at the beginning are snapshots of the entire case and don’t reflect the chronology of the case. Also, this “sloppy” “stuff” is injectable PRF.

    • Oliver Scheiter says:

      Well said!
      The defect is way overfilled, closure is not tension free. The photo at six weeks clearly shows that there must have been a dehiscence. The healing by secondary intention is the only reason there’s attached gingiva. Post x-ray shows crestal bone loss and a fibrotic graft.
      Why show this video? If it is supposed to convince anybody of the fantastic powers of dr Choukroun’s magic juice, it didn’t work for me

      • Cliff Leachman says:

        Did I miss something, didn’t see the postoperative radiograph?
        I thought it looked pretty good?
        Just wondered why :
        1) No plasma or i-PRF on the implant
        2) why you put the i-PRF in the beginning and not on top of the graft?
        Yes , I’m a Belieber in Choukrouns Magic juice!
        Thanx for posting, don’t take th comments personal, we are all learning, or should be Cheers Cliff

  5. Rob C says:

    Got the hateful eight in here. This forum is for education and sharing cases. Not for bashing other practioners. Thanks for sharing!!!
    I would have preferred to see the implant placed more mesial as well as more tension free closure. I have found PRF to be very successful in my hands. My clinical results are highly important. As far as immediate vs delayed placement. Everyone wants everything yesterday. I by no means let a Pt dictate how and when I place an immediate implant but when IV sedating Pts I try to minimize the number of surgeries the Pt has to undergo. CBCT is much more valuable to post than PA. I do agree 2 year + followup would be nice to see.

  6. Dr. Gerald Rudick says:

    Nice case, however I would have added one more step…and that is after placing the PRF membranes, I would have covered the site with a collagen membrane…from my experience in these situations, the PRF membranes are very slimy, and tend to slip around, and may slide out in the incision…but by placing a collagen membrane, they stay in place…and the collagen is resorbed.

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