Preservation of Soft and Hard Tissue around Implants

The aim of this lecture is to analyze and categorize different treatment modalities, focus on the methodology and treatment workflow in aesthetic implant cases and give some guidelines to achieve optimum aesthetic results.

Despite scientific evidence, clinical handling, treatment sequence and workflow is of outmost importance in determining the final outcome of the implant restoration. The soft and/or hard tissue enhancement in the majority if not all of the cases in the aesthetic zone is absolutely necessary in order to achieve a highly aesthetic and natural appearance of the implant crown.

The timing, material, abutment selection and the type of the prosthetic restoration are often underestimated and yet complicate the decision-making and affect the final result. The use of correctly designed intermediate abutments ensures a tight fit, and minimizes the bacterial leakage at the implant level, while simultaneously allowing at the same time the trans-mucosal contouring in aesthetic implant cases.

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