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Treatment of Large Bone Defect from Root Fracture

Last Updated September 25, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

In this case, a large bone defect, as a consequence of fractured roots of the first molar, was augmented by Bond Apatite bone graft cement.The molar was extracted and a complete debridement of the granulation tissue was performed, followed by bone grafting with Bond Apatite bone graft cement. During the augmentation procedure, the flap was minimally reflected and minimally released. Thereafter, the cement was activated within its syringe and ejected directly into the site. After cement placement, a firm pressure was applied on a dry sterile gauze above the cement for 3 seconds to induce its hardening in place. The flap was placed directly above the cement without a membrane and was maximally closed with moderate tension.

![null][]( “Pre op radiographic appearance”)]( op radiographic appearance

![null][]( “Soft tissue appearance before reentry”)]( tissue appearance before reentry
![null][]( “Newly formed bone can be seen”)]( formed bone can be seen
![null][]( “CBCT image 14 weeks post op”)]( image 14 weeks post op
![null][]( “CBCT image 14 weeks post op”)]( image 14 weeks post op

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