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Ocrelizumab: External Resorption and Implant Treatment?

Last Updated April 09, 2020
Reviewed By:  Dr. Dale Gerke

I have two patients who have been taking ocrelizumab infusions who have developed medication induced osteonecrosis of the jaw. I have a patient with multiple sclerosis who is also taking ocrelizumab infusions who has external resorption on the distal of her upper right first premolar. I have declined to offer implant treatment for fear of possible medication induced osteonecrosis of the jaw. I would appreciate options and views as to what can be done for her.

> Editor’s note: Ocrelizumab, sold under the brand name Ocrevus, is a humanized anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody. It targets CD20 marker on B lymphocytes and hence is an immunosuppressive drug. It was approved by the FDA in March 2017, as a treatment for multiple sclerosis Learn more

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