Inheriting patient with old implants: restorative solutions?

I have inherited a patient with two old implants in the 21 and 22 region. They have an internal hex but the crowns that were originally on them have been destroyed. I have found two old screws that fit snugly.
I cannot seem to identify the type of implant and the patient has no information. I would appreciate any advice on how to take pickup impressions of the implant heads so that I can fabricate two new crowns. If anyone knows the type of implant that would be perfect! Thanks in advance.

11 thoughts on “Inheriting patient with old implants: restorative solutions?

  1. implant guy says:

    get with your implant direct rep. They can identify for you. Might need better xrays.

    -implant direct rep

  2. Dan says:

    did you try to unscrew the “abutments” ?
    try to take the impression of the internal portion of the head with a light body,
    this will help to identify the connection.

  3. Riton says:

    Try 2.42mm internal hex abutment.Say adin ,alpha bio ,cortex etc.80% sure that will work

  4. Implant guy says:

    Is there an IMZ rep?? Call implant direct. They own attachments international and prob have the parts.


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