What type/brand of implant is this?

This is an x-ray from a patient in Ireland. Can anyone help me to identify what brand this is?

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  1. Leal says:

    You will have difficulty to restore this one. This implant must be subcrestal in order to create a decent emergence profile for the crown. Inform patient about most probable consequences.
    Observate the possible 2 or 3mm bone loss (probably buccal bone loss)
    The space looks like ~12 or ~13mm mesio-distally. Would be better to place 2 implants or if placing a single paracrestal implant, maybe a different and wider platform (non platform switch). As long as the patient is informed about all these concerns no problem.

  2. Craig Smith DDS says:

    I agree with Leal on this one. I ran into a nightmare situation with two Ankylos implants placed by the oral surgeon I was working with at the time. They were not placed deep enough, and one of them had to be removed due to continuing bone loss. If the fixture is not submerged completely in bone, they tend to not work well. Otherwise, the concepts of platform switching and bacterial seal are good. I switched to Kat implants, where I have the best of both worlds. Cheers.
    Craig Smith

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