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Best treatment sequence for this implant case?

Last Updated September 07, 2012
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have an interesting case here.

Impacted tooth 11. The crestal ridge is 4 mm. wide in the area 11. The crestal ridge is 2 mm wide in the area 13. In the area 14, the width is 3.53mm and the height is 3.79mm. What would be the most efficient treatment plan?

I thought about:
1 – Extraction impacted canine 11, bone grafing in that area, 7 implant placement with GBR, sinus lift upper left side

2 – 3 month healing period

3 – Implant placement 11, 13, 14 with simultaneous GBR

4 – 6 month healing period

5 – Crowns and bridges on implants

My concerns are:

1- Will I be able to do simultaneous implant placement 11,13,14 with GBR because the crest is thin?

2- Could the flap for the extraction of the impacted canine interfere with the sinus lift?

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![null][efficient treatment plan two]( “8348-2”)](

![null][efficient treatment plan 3]( “8348-3”)](

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