ZERAMEX P6 Implant Arrives in the US

The Swiss manufacturer Dentalpoint AG, a leading supplier of metal-free oral rehabilitation products is pleased to announce the US arrival of the ZERAMEX P6 implant, the first ever 2-piece, screw-retained, metal-free dental implant.

Designed to address current patients’ needs of health and aesthetics, Zeramex offers the strength,highly biocompatibility and aesthetic benefits of Zirconia implants with the clinical ease of use and prosthetic benefits of traditional titanium dental implants. With over 3 years of proven results 1 in Europe and the belief that “stagnation means regression;” Zeramex is leading the charge to reinvent implant dentistry with an improved material and a workflow fit for the US dental practice.

The ZERAMEX ® P6 design is based on one of the scientifically most documented implant systems and is characterized by a high success rate. 2 The centerpiece of the ZERAMEX ® P6 two-piece is the VICRABO Screw, made of continuous, parallel carbon-fibers reinforced high-tech plastic, which accepts tensile forces, permanently giving it high connection strength. This material shows excellent iso-elastic properties and is metal-free, and highly bio-compatible. This screw-retained carbon-ceramic connection expands in the given contour and is designed to, ensuring a precise, seamless and sealed, yet stress-free connection. The reversible VICRABO Screw allows for flexibility previously unachievable with ceramic implants.

ZERAMEX® implants and abutments are made of Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2 ATZ HIP) or Zirconia. Zirconia implants are characterized by the absence of metal, superb bio-mechanical stability, and extraordinary material strength resembling their natural model, the root of the tooth, in function and aesthetics. Performance tests according to ISO 14801 have proven the high fatigue strength of the ZERAMEX® implants.3 The white tooth color of Zirconia is aesthetically superior to gray titanium; eliminating any possible tattooing, gray triangles and translucent discoloration often caused by metal implant. Characteristics’ of strength, durability and bright white color has led to experts to refer to Zirconia as ‘white diamonds’.

Designed similar to one of the scientifically most documented implant systems that is renowned for its low loss rate, ZERAMEX® P6 allows for well-known and simple surgical placement protocol. The abutment lies precisely on the implant shoulder and the hexagonal indexing ensures rotation protection, while the VICARBO screw ensures a precise and secure connection. The hydrophilic ZERAFILTM surface treatment is a sandblasting and etching process that allows osteoblasts to grow directly on the implant, achieving excellent osseointegration and firm adhesion at the implant surface. 4

Because every smile is worth it.
Ceramics has been the standard of care for prosthetics and restorations for many years. In the coming decade dental implants are poised for dramatic growth. In addition to health considerations, esthetics is an important criterion for choosing the right solution; undoubtedly leading the future of dental implants in the same direction, all-ceramic restorations.

Dentalpoint has over 10 years’ experience in developing and refining metal-free dental implant systems. With Zeramex, you now can deliver a bright white, 100-percent metal free ceramic implant with the traditional two-piece implant concept you are familiar with. Together the future is brighter. ZERAMEX® P6 system is available now.

Try the Zeramex P6 Ceramic Implant: Starter Package, available at DDSGadget.com.

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2 thoughts on “ZERAMEX P6 Implant Arrives in the US


    My Dentist wants to use your Zeramex implant for my #8 replacement. Will this implant effect my meridian? I have done research on the ceraroot implants and it states that they do not effect meridians. However, my dentist feels like for me, the Zeramex implant will be best. Can you help put my mind at ease? Thanks.

  2. Michael Foley says:

    Hello Pamela,
    Thank you for your question. Let me try to clarify! All Zirconia implants are totally bio-inert and would not alter the body’s energy meridians. Zeramex is composed of the same BioCeramic material and would also not create any issues!
    Your doctor is probably choosing ZERAMEX for the design of the implant. Our system is comprised of the implant and abutment. This allows your doctor more restorative options to offer a perfect esthetic solution. The one-piece systems are more limited in this regard. Additionally, two piece Zeramex allows for the implants to fully integrate and be accepted naturally with your bone without sticking out of the gums. This eliminates any chance of accidental trauma that could lead to failure. Your doctor has done a great job to find the latest technology! Be confident and rest assured!


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