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Autogenous dentin matrix vs. Bio-Oss

Last Updated July 25, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

Several companies are now marketing machines that allow clinicians to prepare chairside bone graft material specific to the patient by using the patient™s own extracted teeth. The resulting graft is called autogenous tooth graft material (AutoBT) or sometimes autogenous dentin. The question, of course, is how these dentin grafts compare to more traditional graft materials. A recent study1 aimed to do just that, by comparing autogenous tooth graft material to Bio-Oss ® ( the popular anorganic bovine bone graft material).

The conclusion:

Autogenous demineralized dentin matrix from extracted tooth grafted to extraction sockets for the augmentation of vertical dimension was as effective as augmentation using anorganic bovine bone. Both groups showed favorable wound healing, similar amount of implant stability, and histologically confirmed new bone formation. Thus, the results of this study suggest that autogenous tooth graft material is a viable option for alveolar bone augmentation following dental extraction. Read More 1

Does anyone have alot of clinical experience yet with autogenous tooth graft material? How does it compare to other graft materials you have used?

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1.Autogenous demineralized dentin matrix from extracted tooth for the augmentation of alveolar bone defect: a prospective randomized clinical trial in comparison with anorganic bovine bone. Pang KM, et al.

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