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Radiolucent lesion and immature bone: Proceed with caution?

Last Updated July 13, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

Tooth #19 had failed RCT with infection and fistula and large radiolucent lesion. It was extracted and a bone graft with Symbios MTF cortical/cancellous. I waited 5 months and placed an Astra EV 4.8×9 using the Densah osseodensification technique. Patient declined a CBVT prior to implant placement for various reasons. Today, 4 months post-op of implant placement, the patient returnes for impression for restoration. Patient is asymptomatic. Clinically tissue looks healthy and probing depths are within normal limits. Implant has no mobility. However, there is a radiolucent lesion at the apex of the implant plus the bone laterally alongside the implant in the socket areas still appears granular and immature. Would you go ahead and restore the implant at this point? Should I make a temporary crown and load it progressively? Should I just wait? What do you recommend?

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