Use of photodynamic therapy in treatment of peri-implantitis?

There are many treatment options for peri-implantitis.  Have any of you used photodynamic therapy to treat peri-implantitis?  What are your views on this form of therapy?

4 thoughts on “Use of photodynamic therapy in treatment of peri-implantitis?

  1. Dok says:

    Use of photoreactive dyes and light that produce free radicals ( namely oxygen ) to disrupt bacterial cell wall function is nothing new and has been lightly researched for dentistry but has never been developed into common practice therapy. The cost of researching, developing, testing ( FDA clinical trials, etc. ) and manufacturing is more than any drug company is willing to bare. It is much easier/cheaper to produce “natural” ( essential oils, etc. ) remedies ( most that don’t work ) than to produce real drug therapy of which photodynamics would be included. And so in dentistry we live largely with gimmicks and hype when it comes to innovation for treating periodontitis ( of all forms ). That is just the way it is.

  2. Dr Liviu Steier says:

    Thank you so much fronan excellent topic. Your statement is absolute correct in any sense. Have worked and continue to work with the technology. Have researched and published about ….have tried to develop the technology further exactly as stated by yourself and did not manage to get the required investement although the technology is wide spread in oncology and more….dentistry is not to be taken seriously….

  3. Sam Low says:

    Due to the anatomical/physical complications of managing implantitis and getting any medicaments to the site, PDT ( Laser) provides an excellent rational therapy. And has also been proposed for MRSA. We just need predictable studies. In the meantime, consider the possibility for both mucositis and implantitis along with my favorite , glycine air polishing.

  4. serge goldmann says:

    I have great satisfaction with diode lasers mixed with h2o2, (protocol developed by a french dentist Alain Rey, published in a book and several articles). It works very well in disinfection, and around teeth with even better results…


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